LiLash & LiBrow Best Sellers Set




About this item

  • Contains 3 month supplies of both LiLash Purified Eye Serum and LiBrow Purified Eyebrow Serum
  • EASY TO USE: LiLash & LiBrow is an easy, once-a-day application process that fits into your regular morning or evening routine. Apply a thin line of the eyelash serum along the lash line of your upper lid, similar to a liquid eyeliner application. Do not apply to lower lash! For the eyebrow serum, apply the eyebrow serum under the arch of your brows or into any patchy areas that need extra growth or thickening – and the serum does the rest!
  • LILASH – STRONGER, THICKER, & LONGER: The LiLash formula enhances your natural lashes by encouraging stronger and healthier hair follicles to promote growth and less breakage. You’ll start to see results in 6 weeks and full results in 12 weeks!
  • LIBROW – THICKER & DARKER BROWS: The LiBrow formula enhances your brows in both thickness and color. It penetrates your hair follicles to encourage your hair to grow back stronger and denser, along with a natural tint to enhance the pigment of your brow color.
  • VEGAN, NATURAL, AND CRUELTY FREE: Our eyelash and eyebrow serums are made with natural vitamins, minerals, and ingredients. None of the ingredients are tested on animals or derivative of animal products. Serums are also paraban-free!

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